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Aerial Amy-( written by Amy Shi, a pole instructor in NYC and she somehow manages to blog every. Single.. DAY!

Express the Sensual-( could also be called “Deliciously, Toe-curlingly, Sensual, with a Capital Sssss

Pole Skivvies ( is a leading brand of pole clothing. The website is closing, but there’s still some good stuff on it.

The Pole Story‘s ( Claire Griffin Sterrett just published ‘Pole Story, Essays on the power of erotic dance.

Confessions of a Twirly Girl ( is a fun and open look into the life of Lolorashel

Bad Kitty ( is actually a website that sells pole-related merchandise but also features a host of guest writers on their blog.

The Pole Place ( is pretty new, but she’s already got a great collection of varied entries

call today! 562.225.2568 or 909.437.4030

call today! 562.225.2568 or 909.437.4030

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